{God’s Description of a Titus Two Woman~Titus 2}


Are you following the worlds idea of what a wife and mother are to be like? God has a description of a godly wife and mother. Join us in a Bible Study in the book of Titus and learn what God teaches.I am so grateful for the godly women that God has placed in my life. They have been an encouragement and great support as I have grown in my walk with the Lord. Now, I find myself stepping into that same role. There are some of you who are fulfilling this role as we speak. Praise God for you! There are those of us who have watched and learned from you and it is our turn to step up. Like me, you may have many questions running through your mind. Such as…  What does my role look like? What do I teach the younger women? What do I look like as an older woman? Praise God, He has given us direction in the book of Titus 2. Come along with me as we walk through these verses and prayerful consider what is being taught.

Titus 2:1-5: Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips nor enslaved to much wine, teaching what is good, so that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored.

They Have Fought the Fight:

In these 5 verses Paul gives a description of an older woman. Ok! Do not be offended by older, it does mean older in age but the word carries with it the idea of a mature woman. One who has grown in their walk with the Lord. One who has walked before us and experienced things we have yet to experience. They have fought this fleshy battle and by the grace of God have slayed those giants and are here to encourage and teach us what the Lord has taught them. These women have learned to be good workers at home, they have learned to love their husbands and their children. They have learned to be subject to their own husbands.  Through tears, many frustrations and through the grace of God they have matured into older godly women.To learn something is to be engaged with something…. they have engaged in this Christian life. They have fought for the glory and the honor of God. They have fought to teach us to fight, and maybe have even saved us from making some of the same mistakes they have.

Listen With Hearts Wide Open:

It is so easy to think we have all the answers. We say things like, my generation does things differently. We are progressive. I got this, I can do it myself.

Really! It does not work! Believe me…Listen to someone who has been stubborn in  many areas. If I could go back I would and I would  listen to the wise counsel that was being given. It would have saved a lot of heartache and frustration. God is so wise. Listen to His word and listen to those who He has taught. Listen with a heart wide open to instruction and teaching. This is the first step to being a godly mature woman!

God’s Description of a Godly Woman:

Titus 2:3 teaches that an older woman is to be:

Reverent in their behavior. She is a woman consecrated to God. She is an example of holiness, in her speech, her conduct, and her dress. Her desire is to guide a young women to Jesus Christ.

Not a malicious Gossips: A malicious gossip is one who tries to divide by speaking or even listening to stories that slander a person.  A wise woman once told me, ” If you cannot say to someones face what you say behind their back do not say it at all.” Gossip is a tool of Satan to divide and conquer. He wants nothing more than to separate us from God and each other. Do not fall prey to this. Gossip is very destructive.


Nor Enslaved to much wine: Do not be brought under the bondage of much wine. Eliminate it from your life. Be enslaved to Christ Jesus and nothing else. 

Teach what is good:  Older women are called to be an example of good behavior and to teach pure sound doctrine. A woman who is a malicious gossip and addicted to much wine is not teaching what is good. Nor is she a good example to the younger women.


What is the good teaching she is called to? Why is she called to it?

Titus 2:4-5 answers both of these questions.  We can put a parentheses around verses 4-5 and say it this way ” Teach the younger women to make her home her highest priority. ” All aspects of the home. In many ways Satan has gotten a foot hold on the family and the home.  Feminism has said,” be all you can be and that means outside of the home. Feminism tells you there is no order in the family. God’s word teaches differently.

  • First: Love Your Husband: Unconditional love: A, 1 Corinthians 13 Love: Be patient, Be kind… Respect your husband as the leader of your home. (More on this in another post)
  • Second: Love your Children: Selfless, sacrificial love. Meeting their needs, sacrificing your wants and desires to show them Jesus.
  • Be sensible: Have common sense. Have a sense of what is proper as a Christian. Avoid extremes. Know your priority and be devoted to them. (Husband and children)
  •  Be pure: In sexual purity and faithfulness. Be faithful to your husband, in the way you speak to other men. In the way you dress. Ladies our bodies are a temple of the living God and they are for your husband. Not for anyone else. Dressing modestly is an example of being faithful to your husband. 
  • Be workers at home: Make your home your number one priority. This is not saying you cannot work outside the home. Sometimes you have to, but it should  be out of necessity and not out of a lust for more of what the world offers. You know, those things that will burn and moths come in and destroy. More shoes, more cloths…
  • Be subject to your own husband: Be willing to place yourself under the authority of your husband, who is the head and authority of the family. A God given responsibility.(More on this in our next post)

We have answered the WHAT of these verses now lets answer the WHY. Why be sensible, pure, workers at home, loving our children and our husbands.


Titus 2:5, ” So that the word of God will not be dishonored.”

When we see the words “so that” the writer is going to answer the question why. That question that so often pops in our heads when we are commanded to do something:)

Christian living, Christian behavior is our instruction from God. We are told by Paul in Ephesians to walk in a manner worthy of our calling. These verses in Titus have given us a list of worthy behavior. Behavior that honors God and His word. It holds Him and His word above everything that comes up against it. We are in a battle for the family. If we fall prey to the lies of Satan and his world, we the Christian, God’s children, bring dishonor to Him and His word.

 Charles Spurgeon describes a godly woman this way:

There is no more charming sight under heaven, I think, than that of an elderly Christian lady, whose words and whose whole life are such as becometh the gospel of Christ. Charles Spurgeon.

Let’s sit at the feet of Christ seeking to learn what His will is, His perfect will for the family and the church.




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4 thoughts on “{God’s Description of a Titus Two Woman~Titus 2}

  1. Jennifer 'Miner' Ferguson says:

    I think this is such a great post because it really shows what younger women might should consider when looking for a mentor or discipleship group. And it’s also great so that older women might see themselves as a Titus 2 woman!


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