Do You Know the Gospel?


If I asked you to explain the gospel to me, could you? I posed this question to the women who attend my home Bible Study class. After a few minutes of silence, the response from over half the room was, “NO.” I posed this same question to my children and a few friends who were with us.And once again, after a few minutes of silence, they responded, “NO.”


There was a time that,  as a Christian,  I would not have been able to explain much about the gospel.  Did I know who Christ was? Yes! Did I know why I needed Him to save me? Yes! But to go into a conversation or be able to explain it in a systematic way- I could not. You see, the cross of Christ is much broader than  “He died, and shed His blood for my soul”.

Please, I mean no disrespect at all. Because His death and shed blood are central, but that is not all there is to the cross.

I believe one of many reasons we cannot explain it is because we have not dug into the word of God in search of all the truths that it holds. For me, I relied on what my parents and teachers taught me. When all you do is listen and thereby not search for truths on your own, there is a lot you will not understand

I believe Christians walk around all day without a good understanding of what God, through Christ, has done.

  • Their joy is not complete.
  • They stay confused and feel defeated…etc.
  • Why? They do not have a good grasp of the Cross.

The book of Romans gives a clear explanation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of you may be saying, “yeah, right”. I am sure a clear explanation can be found if you can get through all the wordiness of Paul. This was my response when I felt God tug at my heart to do this study. Romans- are you kidding me! I ask “My Lord! Do you know how much doctrine and teaching are in this book? Controversial teaching at that! Oh, yeah, You do! You breathed it!”

I have written several studies over the course of the last few years. Romans has amazed me! I have learned more about the gospel than I could have ever imagined. God has taught and is teaching me so many things. If I had not settled into Romans I would not know the things I do now. Can I sit and explain the gospel to you? Yes! Today I can with confidence! A confidence that I have never had before.  Why the confidence? Because He has taught me. Praise God!

I understand things about justification, sanctification, redemption, regeneration…etc, that I never knew. I had never even heard some of the words before! Again, you might be asking “Why is it so important to know what justification, sanctification, redemption, and regeneration is?”

ANSWER: To know the amazing gift of the Cross! 

Starting Monday September 7th. I will be hosting a “First Time Ever” online Bible Study in the book of Romans. These lessons have been studied through with a wonderful, amazing group of women and teenage girls. We meet at my home once a week for study and accountability. We will study 10 weeks through the first 3 chapters of Romans. ( While we study on line, my home group will be studying through part 2 of Romans.) Online group will start Part 2 after Thanksgiving!

You will be able to print out a lesson that I have written for each chapter and each verse of that same chapter. ( I will get it out the week before the Study starts.)

Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I will be posting a blog that will, I pray, encourage and guide you through the questions that I have written.  The question will be posted at the end of each post. You can chose to  download a PDF copy of the lesson or just read through the questions and answer them on a separate sheet of paper. I will also have available the entire 10 weeks lessons in one PDF if you chose to copy them all at once. Your choice. By the way did I mention they are FREE!!! I just ask that you not alter them in any way:)

Please be on the look out for more details that are coming!

Also please share this with your friends, family, and churches. Let’s form a community of women who desire to know the God of the Bible and who wants Him to conform us to the truths of His word.

I also covet your prayers as this gets started! May glory and honor be brought to God through the study of His word:)

Learning Beside You,



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8 thoughts on “Do You Know the Gospel?

  1. Raising Samuels says:

    There are so many people that once they become Christians, they don’t realize that their learning about Christ has just begun. I love how encouraging your article is and that you have pdf downloads; that is a great idea! Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday and also sharing the Raising Samuels link. Blessings and hope to see you link up again this week 🙂


    • Lisa says:

      Amen! Conversion is only the beginning. Thank you for your kind words. You are welcome! Enjoyed connecting.Looking forward to next weeks link up! God Bless you:)


  2. Tara says:

    As a Lutheran, Romans is one of my favorite books of the Bible. So much goodness in it. I work at a church and I totally see where you are coming from. We need to do a better job of teaching the stories and engaging in questions etc. I am your neighbor over at Holly’s today!


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