What We Learn About God From Romans 1&2

Walking Through Romans

“In Need of a Savior”

This post goes along with the lessons posted at the end of this writing.

WooHoo!! We are half way through our study in Romans Part One! It has been an amazing walk. We have learned so much from the apostle Paul! And we are only in chapter 2!

Today we are going to go back into chapters 1 & 2 and walk through these passages again, but this time we are going to draw our attention to the attributes of God and what we learn about Christ and the Holy Spirit.


I start my study of Scripture by  reading a chapter first so that I have an understanding of what is being taught. Then I go back into the chapter and I slow down and look at what is being taught concerning God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit! It has been such a Blessing to me to study this way!

The main point of Bible Study is to know the God of the Scriptures! When I say “The God” of the Scriptures I am saying the “Trinity” “The God Head”, “Three in One” Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. If we are not careful we tend to only think about, or put emphasizes on, one part of the Trinity and the other persons are left out. As a believer we need to know the God head! We need to read and study and understand the work of the Father, The Son and The Holy spirit! They all Three have a specific work in the salvation of a soul, and the working out of God’s plan in History. When we begin to build our foundation on the work of The Three we have a much better chance of standing firm in our walk.

Come on with me and let’s go back to Romans 1 and see what we learn!

Romans Chapter 1

I am going to systematically walk through the chapters and just list what is written  for us.  I pray that you will walk through the Scriptures as well and meditate on what the Word says!

Romans 1:1-4

  1. God promised the Gospel through His prophets in the Holy Scriptures. (Jesus was prophesied in the Old testament scriptures)
  2. When God makes a promise He fulfills it.
  3. God promised a Messiah. He would send His Son to save His people from their sins.
  4. God promised through His prophets He would send a Descendent of David according to the flesh.
  5. Jesus was declared the son of God with power from the resurrection from the dead.
  6. The power of the Spirit raised Jesus Christ from the dead!

Romans 1:5-10

  1. All grace flows through Christ. Paul was given grace  from Jesus Christ to go to the Gentiles with the Gospel.
  2. All of our works are for the Glory of Christ Jesus!
  3. The believer is the called of Jesus Christ.
  4. The called of Jesus Christ are Beloved of God!!!
  5. God’s Grace and Peace come through Jesus Christ
  6. God is Father of the Beloved
  7. Jesus Christ is Lord.
  8. Through Christ we receive grace and peace with God
  9. God has a will and a plan.

Romans 1:11-32

  1. The power of God for salvation comes through the gospel.
  2. God is righteous
  3. God reveals His righteousness through the faith of a believer
  4. God reveals His righteousness through His son
  5. God is angry against unrighteousness and ungodliness
  6. God has revealed His wrath/anger from heaven against men that suppress the truth in un-righteousness.
  7. God made Himself known to all men
  8. God is just.
  9. He is the judge
  10. He gives men over to the lust of their flesh

Romans Chapter 2:1-11

  1. God judges
  2. God’s judgment is right. It falls on those who practice sin
  3. God is rich in kindness
  4. God is tolerant
  5.  God is patient
  6. god’s kindness leads to repentance
  7. God will righteously render judgment to all according to their deeds.
  8. There is no partiality with God.

I pray God has opened your eyes in some way as you have walked through this list of attributes and characteristics of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit!

Did you learn something from these passages that you had not known before? Please share what you have learned with us! God bless and have a wonderful weekend!

Learning Beside You,



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6 thoughts on “What We Learn About God From Romans 1&2

  1. Michele Morin says:

    There is so much truth in the book of Romans that we could study it for a life time and never reach the bottom of the well. I love your outline/list — Paul lends himself well to that approach! Blessings on your studies!


    • Lisa says:

      You are so right Michele, Romans is a bottomless well of Truth! Thank you for your sharing your kind words today. I am so thankful you came by for a visit. Have a wonderful day! God bless:)

      Liked by 1 person

    • Lisa says:

      Romans is an amazing book Christina! The Lord has taught me so much in my studies!I do not want to keep what He is teaching me to myself.I desire to share as often and wherever I can! Thanks for stopping by and sharing from Tell His Story! Have a wonderful day:)


  2. Julie Lefebure says:

    Hi Lisa! I love how you are sharing what you are studying and learning in Romans here. Great insights and truths! These attributes and characteristics of our triune God are breathtaking. Thank you! Following you at Holley’s today!


    • Lisa says:

      He is so amazing! I love working through the Scriptures and learning about him! It is an honor to share with you guys! Thank you for your sweet words. I am glad you came by for a visit Julie! God Bless:)


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