Did You Know “BUT” is a Grace Word?


Walking through Romans

“In Need of a Savior”

Week-10 Day-1

This post goes along with Lesson 10 posted at the end of this article.

Paul sums up the first three and a half chapters of Romans in Romans 3:19-20.

“Now we know that whatever the Law says, it speaks to those who are under the Law, so that every mouth many be closed and all the world may become accountable to God; because by the works of the Law no flesh will be justified in His sight; for through the Law comes the knowledge of sin.”

Paul has shown us in Romans 1-3 that:

  • All men are under the Law: Romans 1-2
  • By the works of the Law no flesh will be justified: Romans 2
  • Through the Law comes the knowledge of sin: Romans 3

The Law, God’s word, has spoken, all are guilty, our mouths have been shut, and the whole world is accountable to God. All mankind rightfully deserves God’s wrath and judgment.


But God:

It has taken us weeks to work through these first few chapters of Romans  trying to glean from these verses the standing of mankind before a Holy Righteous God. There are many hard truths in these verses that fly up against the flesh of man. Not easy passages to walk through at times. I know as I have studied my flesh has fought against God’s word. But in the end my mouth has been shut, and God’s truth prevails! Praise God for His guidance and teaching through the Holy Spirit!

Where do we go from here? All mankind according to these verses are shut up under the Law of God, they stand condemned before God under His mighty hand of judgment, rightly deserving His punishment of eternity in the pains of hell forever.

Paul begins Romans 3:21 with the word “BUT”. This my friends is a word of grace!!!! When a writer uses this word he is alerting the reader to a contrast. A contrast is a comparison of things that are different. Example: light and dark, hot and cold…etc. What is Paul contrasting in these next set of verses? Let’s read verses 21-23 and compare them to what has be written in verses 19-20.

” But now apart from the Law the righteousness of God has been manifested, being witnessed by the Law and the Prophets, even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all those who believe; for there is no distinction; for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” 

The Contrast:

The contrast in these verses are God’s Judgment and His Kindness.

  • Judgment:All men are condemned and under God’s judgment: For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. The law has shut up all men under sin.
  • Kindness: But apart from the law the righteousness of God has been manifested. 

God has passed judgment on all men BUT He has provided a way of escape!


Our Hope: Jesus Christ

Apart from the Law God has provided a way of escape! God’s righteousness will be bestowed on those who through faith, believe in His Son Jesus for salvation!

Please follow this link to an article that I have written about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Link: {The Gospel of Jesus Christ.} It lays out the gospel message. Jesus is our Hope for salvation. There is no other way to come to the Father except through Jesus Christ.

Our study in part 1 of Romans “In Need of a Savior” will come to an end on Friday November 13th. I am not a superstitious person but some are? (If you are a believer there is no room for superstition! God is Sovereign and in complete control of all things!) On the 13th we are going to end the first part of this study with the grace God has bestowed on the believer through the work of His son Jesus Christ, not afraid of the day, but Praising and Rejoicing in God for His amazing Grace!


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30 thoughts on “Did You Know “BUT” is a Grace Word?

  1. dawnshivers says:

    “But God” that phrase always sticks out to me when I am reading that verse like an arrow to my heart. Love it. And love your blog design and graphics, very clean and simple.

    Lauren, RunHoly.com


    • Lisa says:

      That phrase always sticks out to me as well Lauren! Thank you for your sweet words about my design! That is an encouragement. Been thinking about redoing a bit! Thanks for stopping by:) God Bless!


  2. Deborah says:

    All that emptiness and guilt gone–He has made a way when none seemed possible! We are all sinners, BUT there is a way through Christ to all who believe. Amazing how He works things, yes?


    • Lisa says:

      Yes, it is of most importance, Marissa,that we remember all the grace God pours out on us!They are the greatest gifts coming down from the Father! Always a blessing to share! God bless”)


  3. Helen says:

    Ah, such good truth here. We got married on Friday 13th…turns out no one else wanted to, and seeing as we’re not superstitious we took the date and got a discount on everything because otherwise our venue, flower arranger, etc wouldn’t have got work! It worked for us!


    • Lisa says:

      That is wonderful Jennifer!God is sanctifying you! It is such a joy and a faith booster when you see God working and changing us! You are right when you say God’s word brings great joy, and healing, and convicting as well. Only God’s word! I am so glad you stopped by today! I am enjoying your visits:) God Bless!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Anna - Southern Breeze Collections says:

    Such great truth! I love the phrase “But God”. That can be used in so many situations that look bad or ugly…”but God” always reigns! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Jonathan Key says:

    I love this post! Some terrible news and descriptions in the previous verses… But God made a way through Jesus! But certainly is a grave term! Great encouragement and reminder. Love your blog!


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