{Will You Take A 2016 Bible Study Challenge?}

All men are in need of a Savior. The book of Romans teaches this truth along with the truth that God in Christ has sent His grace. Please follow Conforming To The Truth as we do an inductive Bible study in Romans. These lessons are free to you.It is easy to get caught up in making New Years resolutions, after all, everyone else is making them. Who wants to be left out? NOT ME!

But if you are anything like me you make resolutions for the upcoming year only to get maybe half way through the year and stop! Can I get a witness!  I honestly have stopped making them. Who wants to set themselves up for failure anyway? I try to be disciplined, I really do, but I fail more often than not.

Maybe I fail because of the resolutions themselves. I have to ask myself do  the resolutions I make have eternal value or are they just face value. You know the ones that have an outside appearance of making me look good but on the inside I am only full of dead men’s bones?

So for 2016 and beyond I have decided that I am going to make a different kind of resolution, a lifestyle change that will have eternal value. This resolution will change me from the inside out. Then maybe the other things that need to change will over time begin to change.

 I want to challenge you to do this as well. 

I know that if you do you will be changed from the inside out.

The Challenge!

In-Depth Bible study. 



I am not going to make this legalistic. I know that there is not a set amount of time a person needs to be in the Word of God. You can spend 5 minutes a day, or 10 hours a day in the word and there is a great value that will come from it. This challenge will have you in the word around 45-60 minutes a day. I know that sounds like a lot of time. There are Bible studies out there that are 1 minute -10 minutes long. But I believe that working through this study will be well worth the time and effort you put into it! There is nothing more important than being in God’s Word yourself.

  • Reading blog posts is great.
  • Listening to your pastor is wonderful.
  • Reading Christian books is also great


  • Praying
  • Reading
  • Studying

The word on your own is invaluable!

January 11th-March 4th

I have a great tool to get you off to a good start. A Free Bible study in the book of Romans. I have been running a Romans series for about 16 weeks. It is not over yet! I will begin the next session on January the 11th. It will run through March the 4th.

I have written 25 lessons for the first 8 chapters of Romans. I know there are 16 chapters in the book. As you read this post the last 8 chapters are being written!!!  We will more than likely end up with 25 more lessons! That is a lot, I know, but worth all the effort you put into it.

Get your Workbook Now!

The workbook includes lessons 1-25. Our series in January will start with lesson 16 and we will work through lesson 25. If you have not participated in the first 15 lessons, No Worries! You can do the lessons at your own pace. I will provide a link below to the previous blog posts.

PicMonkey Collage

Click this link for your free download: Romans Bible Study book 1

Here is what you will find in The Workbook:

  • Cover Page
  • Welcome Page
  • Copyright page
  • How to use this Material page
  • Lessons 1-25



Print your Free Copy Today! Do Not Wait! January 11th will be here before you know it:)

click link for your free copy: Romans Bible Study book 1

I cannot wait to get started! I sure wish I could be with you as you study through this workbook. I will be praying for you along the way. Please let me know how your study is going! I cannot wait to see how God conforms us to the truth of His word through this study! Be sure to follow me on This Blog|Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest| for weekly posts and encouragement through this study!

You do not have to sign up to participate! But I would love to know if you print the book:) Print your Free study: Romans Bible Study book 1and sign up below.



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16 thoughts on “{Will You Take A 2016 Bible Study Challenge?}

  1. Ruthie Gray says:

    Great post, Lisa! Your study sounds wonderful and I love your graphics showing the tools! God will use you as you seek to point others to Him and His Word!
    Thanks for joining us today at Tuesday Talk, I’m so excited you popped over!
    Would you mind inserting our Tuesday Talk link somewhere on your post so you can be eligible to be featured? You can use this link: http://www.inlinkz.com/new/view.php?id=592200 And you can also use my Tuesday Talk button to cover the link if you like!


  2. Tami says:

    You are so right! I was trying to put together a list of books I want to read in 2016, when I really should be making it a list of Bible books (Matthew, Mark…).

    I think for starters I’ll listen to my audio Bible at work and do your study on the weekends.


    • Lisa says:

      Listening to the audio Bible is such a great idea. I often pull up youtube and listen to scripture reading. I think I need to invest in audio Bible! I am so glad to hear you will be doing the study. Do not let it overwhelm you. You can do this! God Bless:)


  3. Lori @ Frog's Lilypad says:

    I can’t wait for the posts to start back, Lisa. I pray your Bible study will get into the hands of those who are seeking more of the Lord. Thanks for linking up with Thankful Thursdays.


  4. Dawn Boyer says:

    I remember when you shared lessons in Romans at the very time I was going through the book of Romans in my own personal study time. It is such a strong faith filling selection to build our spiritual foundation. But when you said… pray, read, study… yes! Love it!

    Thanks for sharing these truths!


    • Lisa says:

      You are right, Dawn, Romans is the perfect book to build a strong faith and good spiritual foundation! I believe it is so important to Pray before and while you study. Reading it over and over puts the word in our hearts. Studying gets us deeper into the word. Three very important things to do. Thank you for sharing with me your encouraging comment! Have a blessed week!


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