{What Is The One Step of Sanctification?}

Did you know that you have died to sin once for all? Please join conforming To The Truth as we study inductively through a Bible Study in Romans. We are learning we are alive to God but dead to our sin!To understand progressive sanctification or the work of the Holy Spirit that transforms us more and more into the likeness of Christ,  I believe it is most important for us to know and understand the act of being set apart as holy unto God or as I will refer to it, “the one-time act of sanctification.” Paul says in Romans 6:3 “Do You not Know”. We need to know and understand what Christ has accomplished on the cross! Our discussion will center around our being set  apart unto God and making us aware of the death that has taken place in us at our conversion.

We once were unaware of our sinfulness before God but through the working of regeneration, the Holy Spirit awakens us to the knowledge that we are sinners, unholy, and unrighteous before a holy righteous God.


In Romans 6:3-11 Paul gives us a list if you will of what has taken place at our conversion. He wants us to know and understand our unity and the identity we have in  Christ. We have died to sin. Sin no longer has the power to slay us unto eternal death. We are free, set apart unto God, as holy. We are no longer held in the bondage of sin that  we once were. Through Christ, we can now enter into the throne room of grace in which we once were unable to enter because of our ungodliness.


Do You not know?

There is so much accomplished in our conversion that we could spend the rest of our lives digging into it. What a great  undertaking! That is my life work to know and understand the works of Christ and the gospel. I hope to through these studies to guide you into this understanding as well. Paul says, “Do you not know?” Today, let’s strive to know!


I am not going to write out this entire passage but I would encourage you to read the passage for yourself and have your scriptures beside you as you read this article! I am going to place a link  to the passage just in case you may not have your Bible available! Romans 6:3-11

The initial step of sanctification, the “one-time act”  that takes place at our conversion is a breaking from sin. In our unregenerate state sin was the ruling king of our lives. It had control of us and we were in ourselves unable to escape its power and control. When we were renewed by the washing of regeneration we once for all died to the controlling power of sin. We have been washed clean no longer does the wrath of God rest on us. We are set apart unto holiness.

For he who has died is freed from sin. Romans 6:7

The Sanctifying Work

  1. We have been baptized into Christs death. {Romans 6:3}
  2. We were buried with Christ through baptism into death. {romans 6:4}
  3. We walk in newness of life. {Romans 6:4}
  4. Our old self was crucified with Him. {Romans 6:6}
  5. Our body of sin was done away with. {Romans 6:6}
  6. We are no longer slaves to sin. {Romans 6:6}

consider Yourselves dead to sin

Now do you know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus have been baptized into His death!! This is not only praiseworthy but something that that we need to consider. When Paul says to consider yourselves dead to sin but alive to God he is saying think carefully about this. Think about it and be drawn to it.

I believe we are so busy sometimes, {I know I am} I do not sit and ponder these things in my heart.

Will you stop today and consider, ponder what this passage is telling, teaching you the believer.?Will you praise God for His amazing work of sanctification? Will you pray and ask God to work into your heart the greatness of what He has accomplished in you?


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14 thoughts on “{What Is The One Step of Sanctification?}

  1. lifewithyou1222 says:

    I have struggled with legalism due to a lot of shame and guilt over my continued sin. These past few years, God has been re-teaching me about His grace and how His blood has truly made me dead to sin. He sees me as righteous. As redeemed. Thank you for sharing!


    • Lisa says:

      Legalism is such bondage! Bonnie, I am so grateful God is re-teaching you about His grace! Praising Him with you that He never leaves us where we are. As believers, we are seen as righteous, and we are redeemed!you are very welcome! Thank you for stopping by today:)


    • Lisa says:

      I am glad you stopped by Stephanie! How exciting to hear your church is in Romans!Romans 8 is, I believe, one of the most misinterpreted chapters in the scriptures. But, if interpreted correctly one of the most beautiful! Thank you for the prayers! Just prayed for your church. God Bless:)


  2. Lori @ Frog's Lilypad says:

    This is so good, Lisa. I’m thankful I have been washed clean and set apart. I’m thankful for the grace that covers my sinful mistakes and for a forgiving Father who is willing to forgive when I ask for forgiveness. Thank you for sharing with Thankful Thursdays.


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