{ What if IT is Meant To Be Broken}

“Let’s Talk Relationships”

It is so easy to slip into fix it mode. But what if it is meant to be broken?

Alison approached me  and asked me to pray about writing an article for her series, “Let’s Talk Relationships” I prayed about it and thought about this a lot. One question kept coming to my mind as I prayed about it, “What if IT is meant to be broken?” You may have come to this series  with the question “Why”?

  • Why  are relationships broken?
  • Why is this world so broken?
  • Why can’t I fix this?




You may have come here and are in the midst of a broken relationship looking for a way to fix it.  I have had the same questions. I have had severed friendships and family relationships that have fallen apart. I have searched the internet reading blog posts trying to find the answers to life’s brokenness and problems. I have run to my friends with an expectation of getting an answer! I praise God for friends and the internet. God in His sovereignty has placed people and the internet in our lives for a reason but they are not the answer to the questions we have. Nor do these things in themselves meet our ultimate needs.  Will you join me over at Life of Scope as I attempt to answer the question, ” What if IT is meant to be broken?”



2 thoughts on “{ What if IT is Meant To Be Broken}

  1. Lori @ Frog's Lilypad says:

    Lisa, this was a very good post. I left a comment on the other site. Thanks for linking up with Thankful Thursdays.


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