How To Pray for Godly Marriages

Do you know how to pray for a godly marriage? I am over at Satisfaction Through Christ today talking about “How to pray for godly Marriages.” Please come and join me!

I remember the day he was born. 8 pounds 81/2 ounce bouncing baby boy! He was the best baby always smiling always content. Today he is  a 23-year-old happy, content, smiling, adult young man, with a wife! On June 13th, Andrew and Katie celebrated their 1 year Anniversary! Where in the world does the time go?

From the time, he was born until the day he married I  prayed for him and his  future wife. I prayed that as he waited for the young lady that God had picked for him he would  grow in his relationship with the Lord and the Lord would teach Him through His word how to be a godly husband and one who knew what it meant to be the head of his household.

 We need to learn how to pray for godly marriages. God has given us instructions in His word on how to pray. Let's seek His face and pray for godly marriage.

I prayed for the young woman who would someday be his wife. I prayed that  God would grow her into a godly wife and to teach her the Biblical definition of what it means to be a submissive wife. God has answered prayer and my son Andrew has  grown and is still growing  into a godly man. Katie my new daughter is a godly young lady and still growing as well.

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