Our Address Is Changing!|Follow Me to Our New Home!


Hi, Conforming To The Truth Family!

Conforming To The Truth has changed addresses! I hope you enjoy our new home!I love to move when I do not have to do any work!

How about you?

Well, we are moving and you do not have to lift a finger!


Me on the other hand… I have changed our address to conformingtothetruth.com from conformingtothetruth.net. I am moving all posts, comments, pictures, and your e-mail addresses to our new home. Like I said you do not have to do a thing.

I just wanted to give you a heads up so that when you receive a newsletter or a new post be aware of the address change. For a while, I will be putting .net and .com on pictures and posts until we all get used to the new address.

When you receive this post both sites are up and running. But our old address will be removed real soon! Do not panic!! You will wake up to your new home no problem:) And you will not even hear any noises:)

Why did we move? I needed a bigger place to supply you the subscriber with bigger and better things. I am going to be adding a lot of new and exciting things to our site.  I am setting up a store and I am trying to make navigation on this site easy to maneuver! Take a look around, but be careful, there are a few things not in place yet and I would not want you to stumble. I am working really hard to make this place comfortable for you!