{Reading The Book of Titus~Week 9}

The Church is Entrusted with the Truth of the Gospel: The church is Called to Holy Living

God has entrusted the gospel with the church. Our high calling is holy living. Join Conforming To The Truth as we read through the book of Titus. we would love for you to join us in reading Truth!God called Paul as an apostle, He sent him as a messenger of Jesus Christ and entrusted him with that gospel. The word “entrusted” sticks out to me in this first chapter. I remember in 2 Timothy that Paul told Timothy to entrust the gospel to faithful men.

“The things which you heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” 2 Timothy 2:2

In this letter to Titus, I believe Paul to be doing the same thing. He has left Titus on the Isle of Crete and entrusted him to set in order what remained or correct the wrong doctrine and practices of the churches. According to chapter 1:10-13 Paul already knew about these men who needed to be corrected and he describes them as: Continue reading


{Boldly Proclaiming the Gospel~Study in Titus 2}

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Where it All Begins!

Are you boldly proclaiming the gospel? Paul was not ashamed to boldly proclaim of the gospel! Join Conforming to the Truth as we do a Bible study in the book of Titus. Let's learn the gospel and boldly proclaim it to the world!In Titus chapter 1 we met the apostle Paul. He boldly announced, with great authority, his calling, and chosing by God to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. After much teaching in chapters 1 and 2 Paul ends Titus 2 with the teaching of the work of Jesus Christ. In chapter 3 he expounds even more on that same work, “The Gospel.” Without Jesus Christ we would have no need of all the instruction that has been given by the apostle Paul. Without the cross we would still be dead in our trespasses and sins. There would be no church. There would be no kingdom of priests. But praise be to God He is  making a Kingdom for His Son Jesus Christ. We are His Bride and He is making us ready for the marriage supper of the Lamb! Continue reading

{Gospel Grace That Leads to a Life of Godliness~ A Study in Titus 2}


Gospel grace leads us to a godly life. Come join Conforming To The Truth as we do a Bible Study in the book of Titus. Before I started to pen this writing. I went downstairs to change a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer and put in another load. While downstairs  I thought to myself… hum… I need some chocolate.

Ok! I did not need it I wanted it:)  So I grabbed myself a Skinny Cow Chocolate Caramel bar and headed back upstairs.

I am sitting here enjoying it as I read through the second chapter of Titus. Boy, this candy is good!! Sweet and satisfying.  As I read and ponder over the words of Christ I could not help but think God’s word is so much more satisfying, so much sweeter than any chocolate we could consume.  Read what the writer of Psalm 119:103 says, Continue reading

{Live Well-Pleasing in the World~A Study in Titus 2}


What does it look like to live well-pleasing in the world? We are doing a Bible Study in the book Titus and the apostle Paul is teaching us how to live well pleasing. Do you remember when you were younger and you were getting ready to go out with your family maybe to dinner at a friends house or to a play…and  your parents would say to you, “now ___________ insert your name. I want you to be on your best behavior.” I have said that many times to my own children. We expect our children to honor and respect  those whom they come into contact with. It is no different with our Christian walk. When we go out into the world there is a specific behavior that we are called to. We are to be well-pleasing to God first and then to those whom we come into contact with. Continue reading

{Godly Behavior that Encourages, Strenthens and Glorifies~Titus 2}


is our behavior bringing glory and honor to God? Does it strengthen and encourage our sisters in Christ? Join us as we do a Bible Study in the book of Titus and learn what behavior glorifies God. Do you ever find yourself asking, God how do I behave in such a way that will bring glory and honor to you? God, how do I behave that will encourage and strengthen those who I worship within my church congregation? God, is my behavior conformed to your truths and not my own? I know I ask these questions quite often. The second chapter of Titus gives us a list of godly behavior that we are to model inside our church walls and outside of those walls. Let’s walk through the first 8 verses of Titus 2 and see what these characteristics are and why we are to model them. Continue reading